Qualstik PLUS

The Qualstik Plus by Sensorlink is an excellent power quality meter for locating problem areas for comprehensive testing.

The Qualstik Plus is an excellent survey instrument for locating problem areas for comprehensive testing. It was developed specifically for the measurement of four important items of power quality: current, leading/lagging power factor, total harmonic distortion and the direction of current flow.

The live-line power meter isn't position sensitive; just slip it over a conductor and touch the electrode on the bottom of the sensor to the line. Your opening of the sensor isn't electronically closed and external currents are also electronically rejected.

The universal hotstick adaptor and internal structure of the Qualstik Plus are made of long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane. The housing is resistant to shock, water repellent, flame retardant and operates in a wide temperature environment.

The Qualstik Plus is an excellent tool for determining placement of power factor correction devices, survey primary lines for hamonic distortion...


  • Measures amps.
  • Measures leading or lagging power factor.
  • Measures total harmonic distortion (THD).
  • Measures direction of current flow.
  • High voltage rated 500kV.
  • Samples and holds up to nine sets of readings.


  • Survey primary circuits to determine proper placement of power factor correction devices.
  • Survey primary lines for harmonic distortion.
  • Verify IEEE 519 compliance.
  • Identify the presence of power quality problems.


Kit Includes
Qualstik Plus case by Sensorlink
Description Qualstik Plus Wide Jaw Qualstik Plus
Sensor Opening 2.5 in (6.35 cm) 3.86 in (9.8cm)
Weight 3.0 lbs (1.37 kg) 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg)
Frequency, 50 Hz 47 to 53 Hz
Frequency, 60 Hz 57 to 63 Hz
Measurements Nine Readings
Range of Operation
True RMS Amps 1-2000 A 5-2000 A
Power Factor 0.01 lag to 0.01 Lead
THD Amps 1-100%
Current Flow Direction Amps in or Amps Out
Voltage phase to phase 600 Volts to 500kV
Amps 1-99.9A 0.1 A
Amps 100-2000A 1 A
Power Factor 1.0 to .01
THD Amps 0.1% to 10% 0,1%
> 10% 1,0%
Amps ± 1% ± 2 Counts
Power Factor ±.01 from .71 lead to .71 lag
THD Amps ±1% from 0 to 25%
EEC Standards Successfully passed international test standards indicated by CE
Controls Single button operation
Operating Temperature -22° to +140° F (-30° to +60° C)
Display Graphics LCD
Housing Shock and water resistant molded urethane
Hotstick Mounting Universal chuck adapter (Hot Stick not included)
Battery 9V Alkaline or Lithium