Pre-assembled Insulated Jumper Sets

Pre-assembled insulated jumper sets for 15kV hotstick applications by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)

Insulated jumper sets can be ordered as customized by specifying the type of cable, cable length, ferrule, heat-shrink tube and clamp that is needed. They are Pre-assembled at the factory through a standardized process that always includes crimp ferrules with a highly specialized crimping tools, which creates a very solid and stretch-free connection.

All CHANCE clamps for grounding sets (also used for insulated jumper) are designed for use with ferrule. It is not recommended to use these clamps directly with insulated jumper cable without the appropriate ferrule.


Insulated jumper can be configured according to customer needs. Next, we show you the example of a insulated jumper set.

3 meters of cable S11272, AWG 1/0 of 25 KV phase to phase:

  • EPR insulation / cover.
  • Maximum permissible intensity 260 Amp.
  • Meet ASTM F 2321 Standard Specification.

2 G3622-1 duckbill clamps:

  • Aluminum body with smooth jaws.
  • Minimum opening of 4 mm and maximum of 30 mm.
  • Bronze stud with eyelet with fine thread and pressure bronze terminal.
  • Type I, class A, grade 5.
  • They comply with ASTM F855 standard specifications.

2 copper ferrules C600-2615 for 1/0 cable:

  • Without protection.
  • Plain stud.
  • 2 heat-shrink tube of 7 "and 3" each.