Equi-Mat protective ground grid kit by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)

The EQUI-MAT is a personal protective ground grid that offers an equipotential zone on which operators can safely perform assembly, manoeuvre and maintenance of electrical installations, as well as work in proximity to line maintenance vehicles.

Complies with OSHA 1910.269 for equipotential requirements near vehicles, underground gear, overhead switches and in substations. Also, complies with ASTM F2715 Standard.

It is designed to act in parallel with correctly installed grounding temporary sets.

The EQUI-MAT requires low maintenance and cleaning is done with water and, if necessary, a neutral detergent, and left to air dry. The personal protective mats can be folded and stored in a tool bag to keep it clean and protected. Each piece comes with complete instructions.

There are 2 mats models: normal (orange) and slip-resistant (black). The slip-resistant ground grid is ideal for adverse weather conditions of rain, snow and ice. The materials used prevent slips and falls.

Multiples EQUI-MAT

Whenever a larger equipotential surface is needed, several EQUI-MAT mats can be joined together by means of their connecting tabs with bolt, washer and nut included with each mat. Simply place lug connector tabs of two adjacent mats on the supplied bolt or threaded shank of a ball stud and secure with supplied washer and nut. The terminals and fittings must be clean and tight to ensure a good connection. The most common settings are shown below.

Connection in series of protective ground Equi-Mat (CHANCE)
Method A of cascading grids of Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
Use this method where a substantial ground is available
 Method B of cascading grids of Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
Use this method where a substantial ground is NOT available
Equi-Mat applications by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)


  • Padmounted Transformers and Switches: Complies with OSHA 1910.269 for the protection of workers operating and maintaining padmounted transformers and switchgear. The appropriate use of the Personal Protective Ground Mat EQUI-MAT in these applications creates an equipotential zone, as does an equipotential block (cluster bar) for the tower in the groundings sets for overhead lines.
  • Machinery and Mechanical Equipment: It also helps to protect workers around mechanical equipment which could become energized, such as utility vehicles and portable generators. For example, for proper application, EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grids would be connected to a vehicle at points where workers could make contact with it. In this way, the equipotential area would extend around the entire vehicle.
  • Overhead Distribution and Transmission Switches: EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grid can help eliminate step and touch potential. It is connected to the handle of an overhead switch and stand on it when opening or closing the switch.
  • Line Apparatus Work: It is a similar uses for installing, maintaining or operating regulators, reclosers, capacitor banks.
  • Suspect Substation Grids: If station ground mat integrity is questionable, apply the EQUI-MAT Personal Protective Ground Grid.

EQUI-MAT Accessories

  • Long Ball Stud: Allows connection with type C, duckbill or ball stud.
  • Long ball atud included with each Equi-Mat personal protective ground grid by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Grounding set: Consists of 6 ft. (183 cm) long # 2 cable with ferrules applied, ball socket clamp and C-Type clamp .
  • Ground set included with Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Storage and transport bag.
  • Transport and storage bag for Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)

Available Sizes

It is available in several sizes, both in the normal or standard version, in orange, as the slip-resistant version, in black, to work in rain, snow or mud.

Size Weight
147 x 147 cm 8,6 kg
147 x 305 cm 12,2 kg
305 x 305 cm 13,6 kg
Slip-Resistant Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Slip-Resistant Equi-Mat by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)