Terex® Overcenter Insulated Aerial Device

Overcenter insulated aerial device have an opening angle greater than 180º between the lower and upper boom, allowing the platform to be placed at ground level.

Main Characteristics

Range graph of Terex overcenter insulated aerial device
  • Category "C" Rating Per ANSI A92.2, with the possibility of increasing to Category "A" or "B" according to model.
  • Platform options for one or two workers, and two platforms according to model.
  • Jib and winch options with load capacity of up to 1984 lbs.
  • Maximum working height of up to 20 m (607 ft) without elevator and 27,5 m (705 ft) with elevator.
  • Platform capacity of up to 270 kg (595 lbs).
  • Filament wound fiberglass booms and bi-axial epoxy resin.
  • Continuous unrestricted worm gear rotation.
  • Different mounting and bodywork options according to needs.
  • Terex OM overcenter insulated aerial device

Insulated Aerial Device Brochure

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