Ohmstik Plus

The Ohmstik Plus by Sensorlink takes measure splice and fitting conditions

The Ohmstik Plus Live-Line Micro Ohmmeter measures the micro-ohm resistance of conductors, connectors, splices and switching devices positioned directly on energized, high voltage lines. Calculates resistance by measuring the AC amperage in the line and the voltage drop due to the resistance of the line segment under test.

This measurement is much more direct than infrared thermography, and is not subject to emmissivity, weather, current loading, background, and other influences that cause infrared errors. Is designed to store up to nine sets of readings on the unit. The ability to hold the multiple readings ends the need to raise and lower the hotstick after each measurement.

The Ohmstik can be used on almost any connection in a utility. Line splices can be checked after installation or after many years of service. Bolted terminals, taps, jumpers, and substation bus bars can be evaluated. Switches, fused disconnect, and normally open switches that have been open for long periods can be measured just after closing. Each of these connections can be measured quickly after installation, or surveyed after long service, to ensure proper resistance.


  • Measure micro-ohm resistance on a live high voltage conductor.
  • Superior measurement compared to infrared thermography.
  • Measure exact resistance or compare to a nearby conductor.
  • Measures up to nine sets of readings.
  • Simple to use, single button operation.
  • Measures and displays both amps and micro-ohms.


  • Measure and evaluate splices on transmission and distribution conductors.
  • Verify closing resistance of normally open switches.
  • Check taps and jumpers for connection reliability.
  • Indicate the aging of connections.
  • Direct measurement of connection reliability.
  • Predict failure to prevent future damage.


Kit Includes
Ohmstik Plus kit by Sensorlink
Description Ohmstik Plus Wide Jaw Ohmstik Plus
Sensor Opening 2.5 in (6.35 cm) 3.86 in (9.8cm)
Weight 2.4 lbs (1.10 kg) 4.0 lbs (1.81 kg)
Frequency, 50 Hz 47 to 53 Hz
Frequency, 60 Hz 57 to 63 Hz
Range of Operation
Voltage Phase to Phase 500 kV
True RMS 1-1400A
Micro-Ohms 5-2500 µΩ
Amps 0.9-99.9 A 0,1 A
Amps 100-1400 A 1 A
Micro-Ohms 1-999 1 µΩ
Micro-Ohms 1000-2500 1,0 µΩ
Current ± 1% ± 1A
Micro Ohms Absolute ± 2%, ± 2 µΩ
Micro-Ohms Repeatability ± 1%, ± 2 µΩ
EEC Standards Successfully passed international test standards indicated by CE
Controls Single button operation
Operating Temperature -22° to +140° F, -30 to +60° C
Display Graphics Display
Housing Shock and water resistant molded urethane
Hotstick Mounting Universal chuck adapter (Hotstick not included)
Battery 9V Alkaline or Lithium