Terex® Non-Overcenter Insulated Aerial Device

Non-Overcenter insulated aerial device offer a wider range of possibilities and working heights, ranging from compact equipment to aerial device that are distinguished by their robustness

Main Characteristics

Range graph of terex non-overcenter insulated aerial device
  • Category "C" Rating Per ANSI A92.2, with the possibility of increasing to Category "A" or "B" according to model.
  • Platform options for one or two workers, and two platforms according to model.
  • Jib and winch options with load capacity of up to 900 kg (1984 lbs).
  • Maximum working height of up to 38 m (125 ft).
  • Platform capacity of up to 360 kg (794 lbs).
  • Filament Wound Fiberglass Booms and Bi-Axial Epoxy Resin.
  • Continuous unrestricted worm gear rotation.
  • Different mounting and bodywork options according to needs.
  • Terex TC non-overcenter insulated aerial device

Insulated Aerial Device Brochure

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