Load Pickup Tool

CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) load pickup tool. Pre-assembled for 15 kV systems

The load pickup tool is pre-assembled for 15kV systems. It cannot be used to break loads because operator cannot open contacts while tool is installed on conductor. To recock contacts, operator inserts fiberglass rod through head of tool to push plunger to fully-opened position. It´s very important use adequate rubber gloves must be worn when using this equipment.

For correct maintenance, it is recommended to check and clean the load pickup device every 25 operations or every 90 days. Clean the plastic parts with a soft cloth with ethyl alcohol.


  • Translucent Lexan housing permits easy visual inspection.
  • Current-carrying parts of copper or copper alloy.
  • Contact points are silver plated.
  • Handguard of high-impact nylon keeps hand away from energized area.
Recocking the contacts of CHANCE load pickup tools
Recocking the contacts
Closing the contacts of CHANCE load pickup tools
Closing the contacts