Insulating Rubber Sleeves

Salisbury (Honeywell) extra curved insulating sleeves
Extra Curved
Salisbury (Honeywell) curved insulating sleeves
Salisbury (Honeywell) straight insulating sleeves

The insulating rubber sleeves are designed to protect the arms and forearms from possible accidental contacts with energized conductors or equipment.

Available in various classes depending on the voltage level, from class 0 (1kV) to class 4 (36kV) operating voltage leads , with a color-coded labeling system for easy identification.


  • Meet standards: 89/686/EEC, EN 60984 A1 and ASTM D1O51.
  • Category/span>: RC (resistance to acid, oil, ozone and very low temperatures).
  • Class: 1, 2 and 3.
  • Available sizes: R, L, XL.


Nautral Rubber Sleeves Made by Dipping

Its manufacturing process by successive immersions of the porcelain mold in natural liquid rubber ensures maximum quality, flexibility and durability. Available in straight, curved and extra curved models. Sizes R (normal), L (large) and XL (extra large) are available for all voltage classes in various color combinations.

Synthetic Rubber Sleeves Molded by Injection or Compression

They offer the same quality and electrical protection, with the added benefit of being ozone and UV resistant. Available exclusively in the curved model and in sizes R and L (size XL only for class 2).

Salisbury insulating rubber sleeves class according to ASTM