TEREX® Insulated Aerial Devices to Live Line Work (LLW)

Since 2007, Kobbeco, as official distributor of Terex, offers a wide range of insulated aerial devices. Has four models: Telescopic, Overcenter, Non-Overcenter and Absolem14.

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Telescopic Insulated Aerial Device

Terex Telescopic insulated aerial device

Non-Overcenter Insulated Aerial Device

Terex non-overcenter insulated aerial device

Overcenter Insulated Aerial Device

Terex overcenter insulated aerial device

Absolem Track-Mounted Insulated Aerial Device

Absolem track-mounted Terex insulated aerial device

Competitive Advantage

Terex Insulated Aerial Devices are designed following current engineering standards applicable to structural and hydraulic design. The insulated boom is manufactured with a patented filament wound fiberglass technique, which achieves maximum strength and minimum weight.


All Terex insulated aerial devices marketed in Spain, have the CE marking and are certified according to the European machinery directive and European standard. In addition, they comply with the American ANSI / SIA A92.2-2015 standards.

Aerial Device Accessories

Kobbeco has an extensive range of accessories for different types of insulated aerial device.

Truck Body Building

Truck body building for Terex insulated aerial device


PTI (Plastic Techniques) liners for insulated aerial device

Flexible Bucket Covers

PTI (plastic techniques) flexible bucket covers for insulated aerial device

Tool Holders and Trays

PTI (Plastic Techniques) tool holders and trays for insulated aerial device

Adjustable Block Adapter

Adjustable block adapter by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) for insulated aerial device

After-sales Support

Kobbeco offers an external after-sales support for the testing, maintenance and repair of insulated aerial devices. For minor maintenance and repairs, these services can be performed at the customer's premises.