CHANCE Insulated Hotsticks

The basic element of these tools is the Epoxiglas insulated hotstick. They are manufactured in standard lengths, but can be supplied in other lengths upon request.

Types of CHANCE Insulated Hotsticks

  • Grip-All Clampsticks: used to installing hotline and grounding clamps as well as other applications (with various end fittings). Available in one-piece (1.3 - 3.8 m), hinged (2.0 - 5.0 m) or telescoping style (2.4 - 4.3 m).
  • Grip-all clampsticks by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Wire-Holding Stick: used for forming, bending and positioning jumper wires and for holding conductors during splicing operations. Length: 1.8 - 2.5 m.
  • Wire-holding stick by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Telescoping Measuring / Disconnect Tools: have a length of 2.4 - 10.7 m.
  • Tie Sticks: available with a variety of heads (rotary prong, two-prong or rotary blade). Length: 2.5 m approx.
  • Tie sticks by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • All-Angle Cog Wrench: have a length of 1.8 - 3.0 m.
  • Flexible Insulated Wrench: used for tightening nuts on hardware fittings. Length: 1.8 - 2.5 m.
  • Universal Pole: with splined head for fitting universal tools. Spline allow angling universal tool up to 90º. Available in one-piece, hinged or spliced style. Length: 1.20 - 4.3 m.
  • Universal pole by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Impact Disconnect Stick: poles are made of 1-1/4” diameter Epoxiglas meeting ASTM F711 and IEC 60855 standards. Uses a slide-hammer mechanism to provide additional force for opening disconnect switches. Heavy Duty Disconnect heads of bronze alloy. Available in complete sticks, spliced sticks, and conversion kits.
  • Impact disconnect stick by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)
  • Universal Tools: over 75 different tools can be fitted to splined head of a universal pole for various maintenance jobs (insulator change-out, tie wire/cotter pin installation and removal, pruning, tightening hardware fittings, etc).
  • Universal tools by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)