Tool Maintenance and Repair
Epoxiglas Cleaning Kit

1. Moisture Eater II Wipes

Epoxiglas cleaning kit: moisture eater II wipes, abrasive cleaning pads, gloss restorer kit, hot stick wiping cloths. Essencial for care and maintenance of live line tools

Removes moisture and a wide variety of contaminants such as dirt, tar, grease, tree sap, light metal rubbings and old surface coatings without harming the Epoxiglas material.

2. Abrasive Cleaning Pads

Together with the Moister Eater II, they helps eliminate contamination that clings to the tool or contamination ground into scars and scuffs in the tools surface. After you should apply gloss restorer. They are also be used to remove surface corrosion and oxides of metal parts.

3. Gloss Restorer Kit

Transparent varnish that restores the original shine and protects against contamination and moisture.

4. Silicone Wipes (hot stick wiping cloths)

Silicone impregnated cloths. Eliminates dust and contaminants. They apply a protective silicone layer.