Conductive Clothing

Conductive suit by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Conductive gloves by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Conductive overboots by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Conductive socks by CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems)

Conductive clothing is used by qualified persons to work at power up to 765 kV. The suit is composed of 2 pieces made with a mixture of microscopic stainless steel fibers and Nomex flame retardants.


  • Hydrophobic Treatment.
  • Extremely strong and tear resistant.
  • Meets or exceeds CEI Standards about conductive clothing.
  • They don't deteriorate over time or with washing.

Conductive Overboots

  • Made of high quality leather with high oil content.
  • Water resistant, more flexible, with steel finger protection.
  • High quality seams and neoprene-based, to avoid cracking.
  • Electrical resistance of less than 10,000 ohms from the end of the conductive leg strap to the heel of the boot.
  • Additional conductive band is connected by a snap from the boot to the conductive suit.

Antistatic Belt

  • Avoid the inconvenience caused by static charges when working on a high voltage tower.
  • Made of the same material as conductive clothing.
  • It is placed well attached to the waist, directly on the skin, and has two meters of strap to connect to the tower.