Accesories for Glove and Sleeves Insulating

Sleeves Harness

They hold the top of the sleeve so that it does not fall from the shoulder. A harness is required for each pair of sleeves. One size fits all.

CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Sleeves Harness

Sleeves Buttons

Secure the sleeve to the harness. Available in two pieces or in unique piece. 4 buttons are required for each pair of sleeves.

CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Sleeves Buttons

Gloves Inflators

Insulating equipment shall be inspected before each day’s use and immediately following any incident that an reasonably be suspected of having caused damage. Insulating gloves shall be given an air test, along with the inspection. The glove is secured to the inflator using a nylon strap and fastened with a hook and pile closure. Inflation is accomplished by pumping the bellows of the inflator against any surface.

CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Glove Inflators CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Glove Inflators

Gloves and Sleeves Bags

CHANCE (Hubbell Power Systems) Gloves and Sleeves Bags

Reinforced canvas covers to ensure the protection and durability of the gloves. Insert only one pair per sleeve, to avoid bending, compressing or wrinkling, shortening its useful life. Double sleeves are available to carry the rubber gloves along with the leather protector gloves. The sleeve covers have a ring to hang them from the belt or on the truck.