Hard hat and safety face shield with integrated chin protection

Salisbury (Honeywell) AS1200HAT-SPL  is an arc flash protection face shield with PrismShield (SPL) and has an atpv rating of 12 cal Salisbury (Honeywell) AS1200HAT-SPL  is an arc flash protection face shield with PrismShield (SPL) and transparent chin guard. Has an atpv rating of 12 cal.

The AS1200HAT-SPL is arc flash protection face shield with a hard hat and integrated chin guard. There is also the model with a transparent chin: AS1200HAT-CLR-SPL.

The lens features PrismShield technology, which improves color perception compared to green face shields. Additionally, the tint of the material provides increased overall visibility, especially when working in low-light areas.

This head and face protection PPE features ventilation slots that allow natural convection airflow through the top of the face shield, reducing the risk fogging and increasing user comfort. Furthermore, it is designed to be easily replaced without the use of any specific tool.


Viewing Area 190,5 x 508 mm
Weight 0,363 kg
Height 254 mm
Depth 203 mm
Width 343 mm
Flash Light Attachement Slots 2
Lens Technology PrismShield
Lens Color Bronze
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Lens Properties Anti-scratch, Anti-fog
ATPV Rating 12 cal/cm²


Face Shield PrismShield Chin Guard
Salisbury (Honeywell) AS12FS-SPL replacement face shield for AS1200HAT-SPL Salisbury (Honeywell) AS12CLR-SPL transparent chin guard for AS1200HAT-CLR-SPL
Task Light Kit Chin Guard
Salisbury (Honeywell) FLKIT attachable task light & FLCLIP for AS1200HAT-SPL Salisbury (Honeywell) AS12org-fb chin guard for AS1200HAT-SPL
Storage Bag Back Pack
Salisbury (Honeywell) SKBAG large storage bag for AS1200HAT-SPL Salisbury (Honeywell) SKBACKPACK reinforced specialty backpack for AS1200HAT-SPL


ASTM F2178, ANSI Z87.1, NFPA 70E, EN 166, EN 170, GS-ET-29.