Arc Flash 40 cal/cm² Lift Front Hood PLT

40 cal/cm² LFH40PLT-SPL pro-hood arc flash protection premium light weight lift front hood with PrismShield lens Salisbury LFH40PLT-SPL arc flash protection 40 cal lift front hood prismshield lens Salisbury LFH40PLT-SPL 40 cal/cm² arc flash protection premium light weight lift front hood

The 40 cal/cm² Lift Front Hood PLT front-opening hood is a face and head protection PPE against electric arc. It has a panoramic clear visor, offering an additional 45 degrees of vertical vision and 109% more peripheral vision. In this way, it offers the worker greater visibility and clarity.

The Pro-Wear Lift Front Hood head arc protection PPE is designed in a 60% lighter fabric and the hood, in its entirety, 30% compared to other hoods. For this reason, head movements are more natural and the need for frequent adjustments due to the excess fabric of the other hoods is eliminated.

The Lift Front Hood has an innovative support design that creates a natural ventilation system, which allows carbon dioxide and heat to escape as it rises from the body. As the fabric helmet is not covered, it mitigates trapped air that can cause fogging and cause heat, without compromising worker protection.


Viewing Area 190,5 x 508 mm
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Weight 1,04 kg
Lens Properties Anti-fog, anti-scratch
Dimensions 508 x 266,7 mm
Shroud Material 2 (170 g/m² over 204 g/m²)
Flash Light Attachement Slots 2
Material Aramid Blend
Chin Protector Transparent
Thread Nomex
Impact resistance B
Transmittance class 2
Optical class 1
ATPV 40 cal/cm²
Lens Color Green


Face Shield PrismShield Chin Protection
Salisbury (Honeywell) LFH40-LENS-SPL replacement face shield for LFH40PLT-SPL Salisbury (Honeywell) LFH40CP-CE prismshield chin protection for LFH40PLT-SPL
Task Light Clip Task Light Kit
Salisbury (Honeywell) LFH40CLIP task light clip for LFH40PLT-SPL Salisbury (Honeywell) LFH40-SPL_ASFL task light kit for LFH40PLT-SPL


ASTM F2178 ANSI Z87.1 NFPA 70E EN 166 EN 170 GS-ET-29