40 cal/cm² Arc Flash Protection Clothing Kit

Salisbury safety SK40-SPL arc flash protection kit with PrismShield Lens


  • ATPV ratings: 40 cal/cm².
  • Standard: EN 11612­2010, NFPA 70E (level 4) and ASTM F1506.
  • CE Mark according to EN 470-1, EN 531 and EN 11612.

This Kit contain

40 cal/cm² PRO-HOOD Arc Flash Protection Hoods
Salisbury 40 cal FH40GY PRO­HOOD arc flash protection hoods for the SK40-SPL
40 cal/cm² Pro­Wear™ Arc Flash Protection Coats
Salisbury 40 cal ACC4032GY arc flash protection coats for the SK40-SPL
40 cal/cm² Pro-Wear™ Arc Flash Protection Bib Overalls
Salisbury 40 cal ACB4030GY arc flash protection bib overalls for the SK40-SPL
Peak front brim hard hat with rain trough
SK40-SPL Salisbury peak front brim hard hat with rain trough
Safety Glasses
Salisbury TS56505 safety glasses for the SK40-SPL
Storage Bag
Salisbury SKBAG storage bag for the SK40-SPL
This kit should be used with
Insulating Gloves* Leather Protectors*
SK40-SPL Salisbury insulating rubber gloves SK40-SPL Salisbury leather protector gloves
* The gloves and leather protectors must be purchased separately.
They aren't included in the kit.