About Us

Kobbeco SA is a family company focusing on the specialist supply of safety equipment for:

  • Live Line Work (LLW).
  • Arc Flash (AF) Prevention and Protection.
  • Work at Height (WAH) Safety.

In 2009 Kobbeco set up its own dielectric test lab, which, after more than eight years of operation and growth, became an independent company in 2016 under the name Kolab Ensayos SL.

Kobbeco has always been committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge. In 2012 it gave a formal structure to this service by creating the Jotekse technical safety conference, where we address the issues of greatest relevance for our customers.

Quiénes somos
Knowledge of the Industry

More than 50 years working with the major electric utilities and electrical maintenance contractors.


Kobbeco is constantly on the lookout for new suppliers to meet our clients’ needs and broaden our range of products.

Close Relationship and Permanent Contact with the Manufacturers

Their technical experts are always available to answer any question regarding product features or applications.

More than Just a Sales Point

Kobbeco is the official distributor of the brands it represents in Spain, an essential requirement to ensure the full validity of the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, we do our utmost to provide our clients with all the information they may require (legislation and standards, tool and equipment maintenance information, international events, etc.)

Live Line Work (LLW)

Kobbeco has a track record of more than 50 years supplying tools, equipment and PPE for live line work, also known as hotline work.

After becoming the official representative of the AB Chance brand in Spain, Kobbeco played a central role in the introduction of Live Line Work (LLW) in Spain.

All the Chance live line tools meet the specifications of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Committee) and OSHA (US occupational health and safety agency) standards. All the applicable standards are referenced in the Chance catalogue and are available from Kobbeco upon request.

Hotline Tools and PPE

Kobbeco only supplies products of the highest quality made by pioneering brands in the development of live line work. It works together with manufacturers and users to provide solutions to any issues that arise relating to the applications of live line work to the evolving needs in the industry.

Kobbeco’s product offering includes:

  • Hotsticks, cutters, hoists and other load handling accessories.
  • Insulating blankets and covers.
  • Insulated aerial devices.
  • Pruning tools.
  • Meters and recorders.
  • Grounding equipment.
  • Insulated scaffolding.
  • Conductive suits, harnesses, insulating rubber gloves and sleeves.

TEREX Insulated Aerial Devices

Since 2007, Kobbeco is an official supplier of Terex products. All the Terex insulated elevating platforms sold in Europe are CE marked and certified in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and other applicable European legislation. In addition, they are compliant with US (ANSI/SIA A92.2-2015) standard requirements.

Kobbeco supplies a broad range of accessories for the various types of insulated aerial devices: truck body building, liners (protective inner bucket), tool trays and holders, protective covers and rope.

Our after-sale service for insulated aerial devices includes testing, maintenance and repair. For minor maintenance and repair work, this service can be provided at the customer’s facility.

Arc Flash (AF) Prevention and Protection

In 2001 Kobbeco started distributing Salisbury brand arc flash protection switching kits as a complete solution to protect workers from the effects of a potential arc flash or arc blast.

The complete worker protection solution must be the result of a comprehensive assessment of arc flash hazards at the facility. Such assessment should not only identify the potential hazards for workers, but also the changes required in order to mitigate the risks. Once such risk has been reduced, protection is provided to workers from head to toes, through the use of specially designed clothes made with inherent protection materials suitable for the level of risk to which the worker will be exposed.

Kobbeco offers both switching kits for temporary use and working clothes for continuous use, incorporating high visibility features. All the arc flash protection equipment meets the NFPA 70E standard requirements and is CE marked.

Face and head protection

  • Hard hat and safety face shield with integrated chin protection.
  • Hood.
  • Front opening hood.
  • Face protection replacement.
  • Balaclava.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Protective earplugs.

Limb protection

  • Dielectric insulating gloves.
  • Composite gloves.
  • Leather protector gloves.
  • Glove bag.
  • Portable glove inflator.
  • Insulating sleeves.
  • Overshoes.

Arc Flash Protection clothes from 8 to 100 cal/cm2

  • Jacket.
  • Bib.
  • Overalls.
  • Overtrousers.
  • Arc flash protection kit.

Other accessories

  • Full body arc flash protection harness.


Since its inception, Kobbeco helped bring live line work know-how and techniques into Spain. It organised visits with Spanish utility engineers to the US and brought trainers from the US over to Spain, thus promoting the sharing of knowledge that would eventually make live working possible in Spain.

Since 2012, Kobbeco went one step further in this direction with the creation of joteKse, a two-year cycle of conferences to further promote the dissemination of knowledge in the areas of safety in which it is involved.